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Acetabular cup QUATTRO™ PnP

The cobalt-chromium alloy QUATTRO™ PnP cup is a dual mobility, cementless press-fit implant solution.

The stability in rotation and tilting is increased through equatorial fins and tropical spikes (QUATTRO™ VPS HAP PnP version).

A bioactive titanium-hydroxyapatite bilayer coating is applied using a vacuum plasma spray technique with an excellent industrial control.

An innovative impaction plate is vacuum-preassembled with the cup.

A cemented PnP acetabular cup has an external finish adapted to its fixation to the cement mantle.

Commercial documentation

Operating techniques


True hemispherical shape reducing any risk of impingement in wide ranges of motion.

Coated area ensuring a cup position allowing a covering upper rim and limiting the risks of soft tissue interposition.


Long covering insert providing a higher polyethylene volume for better resistance to plastic deformation of the necked area.


Polyethylene liners including a factory pre-impacted head.


An option of single-use Instrumentation :

a single-use test kit specific to each cup size.