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Rotating Hinge Prosthesis ROTAX™

The ROTAX™ is a rotating hinge knee prosthesis conceived and designed around an axis mechanism, which contributes to facilitating realignment, stabilisation, and mobilisation functions.

The limitation of rotation protects the axes and sealing of the implants, while contributing to the stability of the knee extensor mechanism.

The femoral implant is asymmetrical and available in right and left versions.

The prosthesis is only cemented.

Commercial documentation

Operating techniques


Indications :

- Ligament instabilities ;

- Elderly patients ;

- Prosthesis revision ;

- Stiffness ;

- Revisions 2 times for infection.

Simplified instrumentation:

- only 3 trays;

- compatible first and revision.

Previous femoral reference eliminating the “notching” risk of the anterior femoral cortex.

Compatible femur and tibia modular keels.

Proximal tibial wedges to restore the joint space.

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